PUBG:Latest update causing crashes & wild FPS fluctuations

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PUBG : Latest update causing crashes & wild FPS fluctuations




PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is one of the most trending and third highest earning game ever on Steam. It had also shown its next map development plans for the year 2018. But after the Thursday’s anti-cheat update, users are facing a lot of complications while playing the game. The update covers the loopholes of the game so that then newly released cracks won’t be used in the PUBG’s gameplay. The bugs reported after the updates include automatically banning innocent players, random crashes and wild framerate fluctuations for few players.



Those issues are said to be caused by the conflicts between new anti-cheat policies in the update and other programmes running on the player’s PC, although reliable way to fix it was not found. In the words of PUBG’s developer Bluehole, “We released a patch yesterday without going through any maintenance to add some new anti-cheat features.

However, we know that some players are having compatibility issues, causing the game to crash or are unable to launch the game. We are doing our best to resolve this issue. With the issue that is related to the game not launching, we are checking for any conflict between anti-cheat solutions and other programs.”. It was posted by bluehole on game’s forum.

They have apologized to the users for the problems caused by the update but also said that they won’t be rolling back the changes and keep an eye in order to block the cheats effectively. Bluehole also recommends that a user can add tslgame and tslgame_BE to their anti-virus software’s exception list in order to run the game properly, but still if you’re not able to launch the game, go through the instructions here.

One more issue which came up after the update is framerate stuttering, due to which many players reported on Reddit that the game is virtually unplayable. Even developers were experiencing similar issues which were closing down the background applications one-by-one. Later on, Bluehole discovered by troubleshooting that various programs were interfering with the anti-cheat solution, and a lot of tweaking is needed to be done on their end to fix that issue.

Till then, the devs of PUBG has decided that they’ll not roll back to the previous update in order to keep blocking cheats effectively. A new update with all the fixes is expected to be out soon. Stay tuned to our website for further news updates.


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