Pubg announces cross-play with season 4

Pubg announces cross-play with season 4

– cross-platform coming soon this October

How excited are we? Finally, Playerunknown’s battleground’s (Pubg) announces cross-play at Gamescom along with season 4 this October. Time to load our consoles. Since the release of Pubg at first for the PC version, popularity had it expand to consoles such as the PS4 and Xbox one.

Soon came Other battle royale games such as Fortnite, Apex legends, and the latest Call of duty battle royale mode which showed tremendous performance and better gameplay than Playerunknown’s battleground’s.

Pubg Season 4

Pubg Season 4

Playerunknown’s battleground’s mobile has always had better performance than the PC and Xbox version in terms of optimization, but, updates have definitely improved the performance on desktops over the year. As the console player base has been growing past these years, users want to experience console gaming.

Therefore, KOOSUNG JEONG, the producer of PUBG on Ps4 and Xbox one announced cross-play for its vast console fan base later this august with the main aim to provide lesser matchmaking times with improved controls and gameplay for its players. Also, we are not sure about PUBG Corp’s cross-play plans with other platforms such as Pc and mobile versions, so nothing really can be said about it.



But after all these years, it’s finally good to see Playerunknown’s battleground’s with cross-play just like popular Cross-platform games like Fortnite for instance.

Want to read more about pubg game news on cross-platform?

PLayerUnknown’s Battleground’s Crossplay On PS4 and Xbox One


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