Nintendo Switch PRICE DROPPED

Nintendo Switch PRICE DROPPED


Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch


As per the latest sources, prices of one of the best video game console i.e. Nintendo Switch is going to be slashed very soon. With the effect of the eShop games which are currently available for Nintendo switch are about to get a lot cheaper.
This is all because of a new My Nintendo update which will let the owners of Nintendo Switch use their gold reward points against the eShop purchases.



This service will be applicable from March 2018 in which the customers will get scheme rewards with gold points for every eShop purchase they’ll make. This includes Gold Points worth 5% of the purchase price on new eShop titles, and even 1% for physical purchases, where one Gold Point holds a cash value of £0.01. Hence a £40 eShop purchase will net you a total of 200 points.

The earned points can be further used to make savings on future purchases, or even accumulating points to make even bigger savings after a time span.

The only limitation which comes under the light, for now, is that Gold Points are only valid for 12 months, which is not suitable for the users who are planning to procure gold points for a longer time to get higher savings on the purchases.

One of the other use of the points is to save them for the new Bandai Namco games which are rumored to be in development. According to the LinkedIn profile of a Namco developer, the company’s studio is working on 2 tremendous games viz. Metroid Prime 4 and Ridge Racer 8. Even better is that Ridge Racer 8 is said to be exclusive to Nintendo Switch. Although Namco is yet to make an official announcement, the series is said to be certainly due, as it last appeared back in 2012.


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