Meteors Finally crash in Fortnite

Meteors Finally crash in Fortnite

Epic games tease Battle Pass Season 4’s theme

Meteors in Fortnite

Meteors in Fortnite


It would appear that we’re still at the preparatory phase of the meteor end times, in any case, with the main genuine destruction fashioned so far appeared on trees and little structures, and also the nerves of clueless players simply tending to their very own concerns and attempting to do some murder. Thank heavens Epic turned on the crisis broadcast system in time.
All things considered, it’s as yet indistinct if this sensational conclusion to Epic’s for quite some time prodded meteor event will finish in the pulverization of the disliked Tilted Towers, or in reality any zone of the guide. Here’s the manner by which things have been investigating in Battle Royale since the sky began tumbling down.


There’s one other critical event: prior today, the official Fortnite Twitter channel offered the first tease of Battle Pass Season 4. Its most clear inclusion is the strange conceal justice fighter, intensely proposing that Season 4 could be hero themed. Similarly prominent, in any case, is that the picture is encircled inside something suspiciously meteor-formed.

We’ve discussed it around the office, and all agree that giving everybody superpowers like building-jumping and super-run (borne from that damned meteor, obviously), would be brilliant in a Crackdown Battle Royale kind of way.

Before we get excessively energized however, first request of business is to keep a watch out what, on the off chance that anything, will be wiped off the guide now that the effect hour is at long last here.


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