EA Sports: FIFA 19 cross-platform play “a big benefit to users”

EA Sports: FIFA 19 cross-platform play “a big benefit to users”

But issues to work with first-parties.

With cross-platform play by and by in the spotlight after it developed you can’t utilize your Epic account on the Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite in the event that you’ve utilized it on the PlayStation 4 variant, numerous inside the FIFA community have additionally wondered whether the feature may go to the world’s greatest sports video game.

As of now, FIFA has no cross-platform play by any means. Unlike, say, Rocket League, which gives PC players a chance to match with different players across PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch (the PS4 can’t be matched with Xbox One nor Switch), FIFA does not let players on various platforms a chance to play together.

One day you may have the ability to play FIFA across platforms.



FIFA does not give you a chance to use one account across various platforms, either (FIFA players have since quite a while ago required the ability to use a similar account for a tireless FIFA Ultimate Team experience across console and PC). Also, the online FUT marketplace is platform particular which limits marketplace activity.

So, there are a ton of reasons why cross-platform play would be incredible for FIFA – and it sounds like the engineers concur. Indeed, FIFA innovative executive Matt Prior told Eurogamer at E3 this is something EA Sports has investigated.

“It’s something we’ve taken a gander at, and it’s something we frequently discuss,” he stated, before recommending first-party arrangement is at fault.

“There are a ton of issues to work through. I’m endeavoring to be strategic here! There are a great deal of issues to work through with different first gatherings. In any case, Fortnite does that now with PC to console.

“From a buyer outlook, it makes the network that considerably more extensive, which makes it substantially more convincing.”

Whenever pressed, Prior held back before affirming cross-platform play would come to FIFA at any point in the near future, yet offered a hint of something better over the horizon.


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