Dota 2:New subscription service ‘Dota Plus’ is launched

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Dota 2:New subscription service ‘Dota Plus’ is launched


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A very own new subscription service ‘Dota plus’ is launched by the Dota 2 devs. This is basically an evolution of the Battle Pass which will replace the major Battle Passes with continued service support. It is expected to get new features and updates on time as well.

Some of the major Battle Passes include daily or weekly challenges, new effects as well as some theming features. The new Dota plus subscription will be similar to them along with hundreds of new challenges. The subscribers of this service will also have free access to weekly battle cup tournaments with special emoji, profile accolades, and Shard awards for the winners.

One of the best hooks in this subscription service is the Plus Assistant. It is a multi-function toolset that will offer character, item and ability suggestions to help to optimize the builds. The suggestions given will be based on data taken from millions of recent games at each skill bracket. Moreover, if you decide to go in other direction, a GPS-style “recalculate” button will help in bringing up the new suggestions positioned on the current inventory of the user.

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Not even that, Dota plus subscribers will also have access to a screen named Death Summary which will provide the realtime timeline of incoming damage, stuns, and some disabling effects. A post-game analytics screen will also be there which will wrap everything up with a full-game performance comparison based on multiple metrics and on sources like abilities, summoned units, and attacks.

The price of this subscription will be charged as $4 per month along with discounts for 6 and 12-month. To purchase or know more about this subscription service, visit their official website by clicking here.


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