The Division : Global Events and rewards on 2nd anniversary

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The Division : Global Events and rewards on 2nd anniversary


The Division

The Division

One of the finest high-end game The Division is finally approaching towards its second anniversary which is on March 8. The game was actually dead while ago as their online users were counted to be very low but altogether they had recently mounted a stirring fightback that made it worth playing again. In order to celebrate the game’s continued existence, Ubisoft is launching 4 Global Events over the course of this month. These events introduce modifiers and add-ons to the game that will enhance your traditional gameplay experience by offering player rewards and Tokens that can be spent in-game to pick up coveted Gear.

The first event, namely ‘Outbreak‘, is live now and it will end on March 5. It will be having modifiers that affect enemies along with “Contagious,” which has the capability to drain player’s health when enemies are too close. The next event will be ‘Assault‘, which will start from March 8 and expected to end by 12th. The third event will be ‘Strike’from March 15-19, and finally, the last event will be ‘Ambush‘, which will run from March 22-26.

Ubisoft has also decided thereon that they’ll provide deals related to Twitch Drops in-game items which will be randomly awarded to viewers during live streams. Moreover, it is expected to be plentiful as timed rewards will also be there for viewers. Those rewards will be including stuff such as-

3 Cypher Keys- For watching 30 minutes
The Asher vanity outfit- For watching 60 minutes,
3 more Cypher Keys- For watching 90 minutes, and
Five Cypher Key fragments- For every 30 minutes watched after that

The rewards that will be awarded does not depend on cumulative viewing, hence you will be allowed to take breaks while watching over the course of the month. But one thing which is important that you are required to link your Ubisoft account to your Twitch account so that your viewing progress will be saved automatically and the rewards will be awarded thereon. Click here to link you account.

Here’s an enormous infographic for the event by Ubisoft

The Division: Infographic

The Division: Infographic


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